Global Network

Pritchardia Holding Firm is a global network of seasoned professional from all sectors of; Finance, Law, Real Estate, Accounting, Aerospace, Engineering, Development, Technology, Television & Film, Manufacturing to Public Company operating expertise. We work with professionals around the globe to provide the best solution to your short -- intermediate -- or long term challenges.


International Advisory

Pritchardia Holding Firm is an international Advisory firm that assists private and public company's in complex restructuring, financing, management, operations, branding, public relations and investor relations. Our vast network of professional can serve any size transaction. We are all equity partners -- we are not brokers. We do engage licensed brokers on an as needed basis.


Mobilize on Short Notice

Pritchardia Holding Firm Team can mobilize on short notice, provide 24 hour service and can take on any challenge domestic or foreign - provided there is no conflict. Our goals are to help in identifying short term solutions that can provide long term results. If we believe in your business or venture, we will even invest and become your partner.